March 2, 2012 Good Evening

Cardinal blast United Nations effort to force African nation’s to normalize homosexuality.

Cardinal blast UN demand

Even if this is a repost, it is worth the repost. Now the nanny state will tell you whats worth funding and what is not worth funding. No matter they are not telling the truth. Even if it were true it is a horrible example to be handing out free birth control. If they are trying to get away with this now how far can behind making this stuff available to minors. Sorry to get so riled up on a Friday night.

Sebelius:Decreased Human beings will cover cost of Contraception

Great video on HHS mandate

Priest Warning on knocking the church out while you got them down

Double Standard Romney

Rich Lowry of National Review on the Obama Energy Policy
Rich Lowry

Is the Election over Robert Samuelson

Is the Election over

Repealing the Independent Payment Advisory Board From Heritage Foundation

Will the House stop Obamacare

Energy will be Obama’s Waterloo

Energy Obama’s Waterloo

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