March 5, 2012 Good Evening

Must see Newt’s Interview with the twit David Gregory

Actually maybe the stupid idea to let all the mainstream media pundits do the debate is just a evil scheme to make all the hosts look like crackpots. Note: Mitt Romney has not appeared on Meet the Press.

Newt takes on David Gregory

Chris Wallace takes on Rick Santorum on Fox News Sunday

Rick Santorum looks ahead to Super Tuesday

Santorum: I can beat Romney in a two person race

Santorum can beat Mitt

More fallout on Rush. Good Commentary

A few thoughts on the Rush Kerfuffle

More about California financial problems

California Financial Problems

George Weigel on the HHS mandate

George Wiegel is a Catholic Historian.
George Wiegel on the HHS mandate

Commentary on the legalization of Same-sex marriage in United Kingdom

Speaking out about Same Sex marriage in UK


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