March 6, 2012 Good Evening

This was a good interview between Neil Cavuto and Ann Romney. This  was a good interview because they have a connection. They both have MS.
Ann Romney with Neil Cavuto

This is a great interview with Barbara Bush on The Five yesterday. Though I have a lot of respect for Mrs Bush, this cheerleading for Mitt Romney seems a little over the top. Its is like the Republican elites trying to anoint their candidate. For the most part the big name republicans have left it to the voters.The other thing is it feels like a mom endorsement.

Barbara Bush why she supports Romney

Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine tells why we should support Santorum in Ohio: Switched endorsement from Romney
Dewine supports Santorum in Ohio

Republicans selling out on new highway bill
Republicans selling out on highway bill. What else is new?

Affirmative Action Supreme Court case
Infinite Affirmative Action

Mitt Romney on what he would do in Iran

Mitt Romney on what he woud do about Iran Washington Post

Obama 2012 Shocker: “It’s all about me”

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I am a 49 year old man with Cerebral Palsy living in Houston.
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