March 8, 2012 Good Evening

Kathyrn Jean Lopez gives a timely update on the HHS mandate and talks to the founder of the Galen Institute, a DC area think tank and leading advocate in the health care debate.
Kathyrn Jean Lopez on the Health Care Law

Million Dollar Lottery winner caught using food stamps

Lottery winner caught using Food stamps

Rush and Sandra Fluke

Rush and Sandra Fluke

There may be a lot of women out there, even normal good hearted evangelical women who think the few Catholic women who dont use contraception are still a little flaky.But over the past year of reading
Jenifer Fulenwiler, I have found her to have a get deal of wisdom

Secret Lives of Women who dont use contraception

A stupid priest say something stupid, gets fired

Leading Jesuit College sacks dissident professor

Obama lobbying Senate to stop Keystone pipeline

Obama lobbying Senate to stop Keystone Pipeline


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