Saturday March 31, 2012

No Mr. Panetta we are here because your surrogates on the Super Committee refused to cut spending and demanded that taxes be raised on the people creating the jobs. Your administration is not interested in reining in spending. You want to be all holier that thou and claim your hands are tied. You refuse to discuss reforms in entitlement spending and tax reform.

Panetta blast Defense Cuts

Obama still having problems raising money.

Obama having trouble raising campaign money.

This lady is a complete nut. They are trying to advance the theory that if you dont accept theology of man made global warming, you have a mental illness. The socialist have been using the environmental agenda to push their far-left agenda since the 1960’s.

Climate Change skepticism is a sickness that must be treated

Gov. Walker’s union reform remain largely intact

Gov Walkers Union law emerges mostly intact

Romney needs a Latino VP, but who? My personal opionion right now is Rubio is the best choice. I have seen reporting today that he might be think if he is strong during the last few primary and might feel liberated to pick someone like Chris Christie. To me he is not reliably conservative. It would make me feel like he was giving conservative values a cold shoulder, which would be be a horrible decision. Actually has the gall to call Palin a mistake which is just plain stupid. The whole campaign seems tone deaf to conservative values.

Romney needs a Latino Running mate but who?
Mitt Romney Veepstakes begins

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I am a 49 year old man with Cerebral Palsy living in Houston.
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