April 1 2012

My opinion is that if Mitt insist on running a campaign that looks and feels like the McCain 2008 deal and beleives that choosing Palin was a mistake. It seems that they think if they keep the same Mr. Nice Guy and Mr. Moderate on the social issues will win the election. Boehner and McConnell seem totally clueless about what gave the Republicans in the House in 2010. I think if they had really been in control of the Republican side of the Super Committee, they would have cut a bad deal, because at the end of the day Boehner
and McConnell are deal makers. But in the end they did not have the votes to do anything

Romney Campaign outlook

There has been a 40 year war on the energy industry. The Democratic Party has wanted to control the profits oil, coal and natural gas industry and gas industry since the 1960’s. They beleive they know how to run the industry to build a bigger government. But bigger government alway dictates that the government always knows how to do things better. But it seems like over the passed 3 years all they have wanted to take the money and spend it on technologies that will take many years to reach the efficency of oil and gas.I dont mind spent some money to continue development. But to totally stop the building of new coal plant will like Obama says it will cause electricity rates to skyrocket.

Obama’s war on coal escalates

Anybody who really think Obama has improved the state of race relations in the United States are totally mistaken. They did bring Zimmerman in and talk to him but apparently they did not find enough evidence
to hold him

Overplaying the Race Card

This is horrible stuff. The left is using bogus Ethics charges to try to run the Wisconsin Lt Governor
from office. This is reallyv part of the same tactics that finally made Sarah Palin resign as Alaska

Wisconsin Lt
Gov under sexist attack

Obama got Israel back


About clintmcdonald

I am a 49 year old man with Cerebral Palsy living in Houston.
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