April 2, 2012

We have Tom Friedman trying to advance to sets of narratives one false and one true. The false one is that the Republican party is a extreme party. No Tom we are not the party who has run up 5 trillion dollars and trying to give our nuclear secrets to Russia. But he is right out about Mitt Romney being out of touch and has no clue about what the conservative movement is all about.

Tom Friedman Republican Radical Party

Good article about opposing the HHS mandate

James Taranto on the HHS mandate

Chuck Schumer trying to push his views about the Supreme Court. In my view the Supreme Court has been leaning left since Roe V Wade and it is just now coming back to pretty centrist views.The law itself goes to far in putting the government in charge of health care. The liberals insist on imposing a single payer system which will send health care cost thru the roof and raise taxes for everyone. The liberals have blocked any meaningful reform that put the people in charge of their own health care. The liberal agenda is to drive private insurers out of the market and then throw up their hands and say that the system is unworkable and that we needed a government run single payor system.

Schumer Supreme Court

The Democratic Party war on women

Desperately Seeking Women

HHS may also mandate pre-natal testing.It could lead to pushing more abortions.

HHS taking aim at babies with Downs Syndrome

Good article by Thomas Sowell about Frivilous Discrimination lawsuits

Thomas Sowell

Palin to Co host NBC morning show

Palin to Host NBC morning news


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