April 3 2012

As usaul Paul Ryan knock it out of the park. Obama wants to give us a Cash for Clunkers society. He will give us just enough for you to get by but dont give you enough to succeed. They want you to be dependent on the government. They dont want to create to create good private sector jobs because it doesnt build big government.

Paul Ryan Stumps for Romney; Accuse Obama of cash for Clunker Society

More liberal garbage about happiness from the Washington Compost

Happiness is not good for you

I will admit I have been looking for a way that the administration could be proping up the economy as long it was in their best interest and if it was in their best interest or if they could not afford to keep subsidizing todays society on the backs of our children and grandchildren. The world should know that with Democrats in charge thery are going to keep running up the tab. Bob Beckel endless money tree has to come to an end because there are no more producers to produce the goods for the takers.

The Fed is buying all our debt

The Liberal columnist says the Ryan Budget is a fraud because he does not detail how he would close the tax loopholes. But the problem with that is that Ryan does not control the tax writing part of the process. Ryan is the chairman of the Budget committee and the tax provisions are written in the ways and means committee.

Classic Krugman

Drudge suggested that this was evidence that Obama had been tip off of how the vote went. But he may be trying to set up the fall election as the people vs the Supreme Court. The President thinks you should allow
the law to be constitional based on what he thinks are the bills good intentions. The sole intent is make sure the law is constitional. It is whether the government has the right to force you to buy health insurance.
It does not matter that the President thinks the bill does good things. Liberals thinks they should be judge by their good intentions. Not by judging the outcome.
Republican slam Obama over warning to unelected Supreme Court

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