April 5, 2012

A columnist from The Daily Beast suggest that we impeach the Supreme Court members if they overturn Obamacare. Yeah, right like that is going to happen. I dont think your likely to get back into the majority in the house in the fall. Also there is no way to get to two-thirds votes in the Senate. Liberals think the Supreme Court should be able to uphold the law just because the individual justice thinks it is good thing. But the Supreme Court is there to intepret the constitution and figure out what “original intent of the law is

Impeach Supreme Court???????????

Liberal will only get serious about the Budget Deficit when they think that Taxes are high enough that they have slowed the economy enough to stop business from being successful. They beleive government is the only one who can decide what is fair and should be able to decide who gets what? But I think the United States alway works best where free enterprise is able to grow and flourish and it will generate all the money that the government needs.

Deficit will heal itself

Obama Mediscare

Obama Mediscare tactic

This dog won’t hunt. It is not going to work.

Paul Ryan Newt


About clintmcdonald

I am a 49 year old man with Cerebral Palsy living in Houston.
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