April 6, 2012

Amazing take on Obama’s open mike moment with the Russian leader. He claims that Romney is naive for not trusting the Russian leader. It backs up Rush’s notion that they are recruiting a army of stupid voters. Then again they did sell this group Joe Biden as Vice President. LOL

Romney naive on Russia

Group intimidates Coca-Cola into dropping support for voter-id laws

Coca Cola bow to boycott threat

Maybe Romney has found a sweet spot. Romney has starting saying that Barack Obama has been building a government-centered society. More government regulation, the HHS regulation covering contraception and abortion and will eventually control every bit of healt care. More environmental regulation, no more new
coal-powered electric plants etc

Mitt hits bullseye

Virginia Attorney General less then thrilled about having Romney as the nominee.

Virginia AG less then Psyched about Romney as nominee

Who George Will thinks Mitt Romney should select as Vice President

Romney needs a heavy hitter as Vice President

Art Laffer “Government Spending Kills jobs

Art Laffer Obama Budget


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I am a 49 year old man with Cerebral Palsy living in Houston.
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