April 10, 2012

Republican National Committee Latest ad

This is a good overview of where we are with race in America. The fact that we have our first black President is a great thing but does that mean that he should be able to do whatever he wants. My own view of history is that we got in to a rut of racial tension in the 1960’s and 1970’s and have never figured out how to get out out it. We were given a signal by the Obama Justice Department in 2009 when they refused to prosecute the Black Panthers who blocked the polling places in Philadephia. They appear to have done little to calm the fears down in Florida. It seems as if the Obama reelection wants to stoke the issue of race and income inequality. The facts are that the only answer to this for the Obama Administration is wealth redistribution. The facts are that it may make the liberals “feel better” but it does not solve the problem.
Like Rush says it is the unequal distribution of capitalism that causes the problem.

Obama and racial double standards

Job report shows Obamanomics failure to ignite Job growth

Job Report shows Obamanomics failure to ignite job growth

Right to work in Ohio

Right to work is right for Ohio and elsewhere

Obama contempt for the law

Obama contempt for the law

Obama Tax Hike Surprise

Obama Fantasy Budget tax hike


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