April 11 2012

Stuart Varney says that the Buffett Rule would pay 3 days on the national debt.

Stuart Varney Buffett Rule pays 3 days of national debt

Reince Priebus smacks down MSNBC host over “War on Women” comments

Reince Priebus smacks down MSNBC host over “War on Women” Comments

Why Obama hates Paul Ryan

Why Obama hates Paul Ryan

To me this is crazy, but the President beleives that a percieved “tax fairness” is more important than increase tax revenue. Studies have shown that at some point tax increase eventually create a perverse incentive not to participate in economic activity that improves your life and creates income that creates more taxes. If your dont provide incentives to work and invest for their own future you will get fewer people to go out and take risk and create jobs and opportunity.

The Obama Rule: Tax Fairness is more important than Common Sense

I am going to be a contrarian here and say that it is the liberal 4 justices that are ruling on the basis
of politics. Liberals have always been willing to impose their views of world on the rest of us. I have
no way of finding out what the idealogical leaning at the time of the Wickard Wheat case, given that it was 1942 and ten years into the Roosevelt administration you can assume that is left leaning.

Health Care ruling

A new perspective on current polling.

Obama on thin ice.


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