April 13, 2012 Happy Friday

No Dr. Biden, she is crying because she has already been saddled with 5 trillion dollars debt from your own administration. There is no evidence that this kind of spending will bring us out of the recession. But these are the guys that tell us that it is more moral to pay people not to work than letting the private sector creating jobs. The Buffett rule will take money out of the business owners pocket that can create jobs. You can somehow claim that your trillion dollars of stimulus spending is more pure. But by the time you
run it thru all your union slush funds is it more effective than a tax cut. No way.

Biden tells crying baby you will have to pay for Romney’s Tax Cuts


Ann Romney and the Elitist

Obama is campaigning on grievances

Campaigning on grievances Victor David Hanson National Review April 13, 2012

Another good column about the Ann Romney Dustup

Ann Romney Boston Herald April 13, 2012

A lot of tea partier may vote Mitt but wont work to get him elected.

Tea Partier: “Dont expect to campaign for Romney


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