April 14, 2012 Happy Saturday

Frankly, I am not stupid enough to give this president any more money to spend because I think his spending priorties are so screwed up that more money will add just to the mess. He refuses to do a budget deal that curbs the growth of government. All he is interested in is creating bigger and bigger government so he and his cronies can have more and more control over health care and energy industries. O you thought they were doing all this to to save the consumer money. Sorry, Virginia, that’s not really the goal here. The goal here is that the government will have control of your health care and tell you what you can and cannot have. Their goal in regulating the energy industry is to control every aspect of our life.Force us to buy expensive and unaffordable cars and force us to use public transportation. They think they can create a utopia but it will be more like the other place.

The Obama Weekly Radio Address

New Black Panther threats go unpunished but what else is new?

New Black Panthers go unpunished

Romney warns agianst unrestrained Obama in Second Term

Romney warns NRA about Obama’s unrestrained second term

Obama is clueless about creating jobs

Obama Clueless about job creation

Winning the war against women.

About clintmcdonald

I am a 49 year old man with Cerebral Palsy living in Houston.
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