April 21 2012

Try to keep up with the lunatics at MSNBC as much as I can stand. This guy will take over a cliff if he gets a chance

Gop’s War on the

I am sorry but I think this means trouble. If France goes Socialist the whole European Union may go down.

Sarkozy last

No Ms. Landrieu, it is Democrats holding the country hostage to get more tax increases that is just the truth. Who knows if the spending cuts will ever come through

Democrat say GOP is showboating

Nineth Circus upholds Arizona voter id law

Arizona Voter ID Laws

Jennifer Granholm takes swipe at Mark Levin</P
<a href="http://jenkuznicki.com/2012/04/jennifer-granholms-swipe-at-mark-levin-isnt-about-his-ideology-but-hers/Jennifer Granholm takes swipe at Mark Levin

The mellium are facing reality

millennials turning away from Obama

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I am a 49 year old man with Cerebral Palsy living in Houston.
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