May 4, 2012

The Economy is not getting better. The administration is purposefully lowering the laborforce participation rate so it can keep lowering the total number of jobs available so they can keep saying the unemployment rate is going down. But the economy has lost 3 million jobs since The One took office. The strategy is to keep people thinking the economy is getting better until Obama gets safely reelected. To be quite honest, I really dont think he cares if anyone has a job after the election.

Total US employment falls by 169000 jobs

This is one time where somebody needs to ask Mr Chen “What the heck were you thinking”. You got a pro-life activist protesting the brutality of the China one child policy. He was asking the most extreme pro choice administration to help him? What do you really think Hillary is going to tell him besides laugh at him?
Me help you are you crazy?

Beacon No more America abandons Chen

Rich Lowry of National Review take on the Obama’s campaign Julia commercial

Creating a nation of Julias

The Tea Party is not dead. Its is working in Indiana to defeat long term US Senator Dick Lugar. People are tired of the Republican establishment running the show and being able to make phony deals with the liberals. I do not think Romney understands the tea party movement

Polls shows Lugar trails Mourdoch


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I am a 49 year old man with Cerebral Palsy living in Houston.
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