May 5, 2012

This is something that everybody should be concerned about. Since Congress has been unable to deal with anything, most of the tax rates are set to go up January 1, 2013. I think the main problem with Congress is the Democrats unwillingness to reduce government and their stupid assumption that government spending can create a lasting recovery. We have to start reducing spending and give the private sector the capital in order to create jobs.

The 2013 tax increase could doom stocks

A very ugly jobs report

It was a very ugly
jobs report.

Actually the contest for Dumb and Dumber on MSNBC is quite fierce. Here are a couple great examples

MSNBC dumb and dumber

Mitt Romney issues challenge to the President to create jobs.

Mitt issues
Ohio Challenge

Occupy Cleveland gets caught trying to blow up bridge

Occupy image blown to smithereens

Just too many good takes on the Julia AD. This one is from Michelle Malkin.

Dont let your babies up to be Julia


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