May 7, 2012

Great interview with Jonah Goldberg about his new book, “Tyranny of Cliches: How Liberal cheat in the war of ideas”

Jonah Goldberg

Obamacare left out of first term accomplishment list video

Obamacare left of new obama ad about first term accomplishments

Obama’s disability scam. The SSDI rolls have risen by two million since Obama took office.

Unemployment Explained: Obama Disability Scammers

Good Article at Brietbart about the attempt to try to blame the failure of the McCain Campaign on the selection of Sara Palin as the Vice President nominee. They dont want to accept the failures of John McCain. It was too much about playing Mr. Nice Guy and the “Cant we all get along” schtick. You have to be will to tell the truth about what the administration is doing to the country.

Obama Administration drafted memo to blame Military if Bin Laden mission failed

Obama drafted memo to blame military if Bin Laden failed


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