May 10, 2012

No Mr Klein. The problem was that Richard Lugar agreed with Democrats too much and much more likely to make deals with them than deal with the real problems. I suspect right now with the stalemate the Democrats are getting exactly what they want. They agree with the big defense cuts so they are allowing them to happen. But they dont want to make any cuts to domestic spending that will hurt their patrons so they avoid the hard choice and choose to realy on raising taxes to keep the deception going. But this will ultimately lead to more private sector unemployment.

Lugar concession speech tells all about his polarization.

This is a good article from Sen. Rand Paul. He reminds us that the goals of the Tea Party are just good goverance. Limited government,balancing the budget and regulation that makes sense. They are not asking that their mortgages be paid off, their college loans be paid for and cradle to grave health care to be granted them. They just dont want the crippling taxes that comes with giving away all the goodies.

Tea Party wins in Indiana

More conservative perspective on how to get out of the European Debt crisis. The austerity model must prevail or France will be headed toward a more spectacular collapse.

Europe Crisis a Roadmap

The Democratic Convention in Charlotte is becoming more of a disaster every day. Beverly Purdue, the unions
fiasco, the sex scandal. What else could go wrong?

Will Democrats move Charlotte

George P. Bush trys to rev the Youth and Latino vote.

George P. Bush trys to woo the youth and latino vote


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