May 15, 2012

Clinton want to increase taxes across Board.>
Bill says we need to raise taxes accross the board

So much misinformation here, so little time to correct the record. I do beleive that the liberal stategy of making targeted investment doesnt work. If a company cant be profitable and successful without being propped up constantly with government money then they really dont need to be in business.

If Mr. Robinson insist on railing agianst destructive capitalism what about the Dephi employees who work for GM. How about the crony government that insist on not developing our natural resource to meet our own needs. I will admit that probably the delay on the Keystone was all about collecting campaign donations from sides before they made a decision. This is wrong to make a decision based on the politics.

James Okeefe does another video about voter fraud in North Carolina</P?
Okeefe exposes non-citizen on voter rolls

Romney is short on specifics

My own personal opionion is that each side should be able to honor who ever they want to. I know that this is government property and the people charged with making the decision had the right to make any decision. I think Rush is a fine man and well deserving of the honor. Sometimes it seems that when the left is in charge they really want to suspend free speech and not allow anyone to contradict what Our dear Leader say. But even Hillary thinks we have the right to disagree.

Stealth Ceremony for Rush’s Bust at State Capital

Even though this is not reported but California is in really bad shape. It is not covered in the press because it is run completey by liberals. They keep on putting bandaids on the problems. But they keep on getting worse. The way they are handling it makes it a sure there will be a crisis

Sink California


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I am a 49 year old man with Cerebral Palsy living in Houston.
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