May 18, 2012

Ms Pelosi thinks that she should be able to dictate what the solution to the budget crisis should be. The Democrats want to force the Republicans to raise taxes in exchange for budget cuts. Boehner has held firm that all raises in the debt ceiling be offset by budget cuts. But the Democrats want to increase taxes on everybody.

Pelosi to Boehner: Immature to cut spending more than Debt limit

Romney outlines what he would do on first day in first ad of general election campaign.

Romney outlines what he would do the first day in office

Kim Strasell of the Wall Street Journal gets to the heart of the Bain Capital – GST Steel controversy

Kim Strassel – The truth about Bain Capital and GST Steel

Deb Fischer will likely beat Bob Kerrey to win Nebraska Senate seat being held by Ben Nelson.

Nebraska Senate race


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