June 2, 2012 Happy weekend

No Mr Bill. You are the one who is wrong about the economy. You want to make it appear that you were responsible for the recovery in the late 90’s. But you would have never done much of what was done unless you were pushed by Republicans to balance the budget.

All this act would have done is create a sugar-high of job creation based on government money and when that government money runs out your back to point A and you have no jobs, a bigger deficit and nothing to create investment with.

Road not Taken

A report on the latest jobs report

Dismal jobs reports

A economy built to stall. With all the tax hikes going up next year there is not much hope for a recovery. Why should people spend money and invest money in the future if they know they are going to get hit with high tax rates. You can only raise taxes so and and then the high taxation will become a negative reason to invest.

A economy built to stall


About clintmcdonald

I am a 49 year old man with Cerebral Palsy living in Houston.
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