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Life’s Journey

It seems as though life’s problems never
ever cease. As we ride the waves of
turbulence in search of ever peace.

In lifes toil for happiness at every crack
and bend, little do we realize the answer
lies within.

For when we were just tiny babes, our
parents took the time, to see that we
possessed the seed to fill our heart, our
soul and mind.

Little do we realize as we search far
and wide, begging and pleading with the
Lord, to fill our hearts desire.

As I look at my past, through all the
mountain and planes, suddenly I realize
that I have squandered my life in vain.

So, I took the seed that still remains as
mine, and nurtured it with faith, hope and
love divine.

Humbly I ask the Lord to purge me of my
past, to set my heart mind and soul upon
the narrow path.

Divine mercy filled my soul and lit a fire
within. He healed my past and gave a hunger
for life that never ends.

Author: Marge Tennyson


About clintmcdonald

I am a 49 year old man with Cerebral Palsy living in Houston.
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