Have you ever pondered this mystery?
How did it ever get its start?

If you have pondered this mystery,
You had to dig deep in your heart

Have never this journey,
surely you must start.

Clear the cobwebs and clutter,
that are rooted in your heart.

When your heart is as pristine,
as when it got it start.

There you will discover,
How love got its, start.

Author: Marge Tennyson

So, I took the seed that still remains as
mine, and nurtured it with faith, hope and
love divine.

Humbly I ask the Lord to purge me of my
past, to set my heart mind and soul upon
the narrow path.

Divine mercy filled my soul and lit a fire
within. He healed my past and gave a hunger
for life that never ends.

Author: Marge Tennyson


About clintmcdonald

I am a 49 year old man with Cerebral Palsy living in Houston.
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